AJís Art Works was started in 1974, with a great passion for art and a drive for perfection.  AJís philosophy is to leave my mark on the world of art, and to help those who like it right.  What ever you want, we can help you , in artwork and graphics.  All over paint jobs start at $1500.00 and up.  We can match paint on any bike and make repairs on factory paint jobs.  If you donít have an idea for your bike or a dream paint job, let us help design it for you.  We use Dupont paint with a lifetime warranty, which is simply who ever dies first, the customer or the painter.  Donít ride in the back, be proud and ride up front with a custom paint job.

We take pride in what we do!

AJ's Artwork

(803) 791-1116

Lexington, South Carolina

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