Latest Bike

            We are still at the same great location painting and customizing your one of a kind bikes.  

We have expanded and added a new building behind the brick building.

1225 B Street

West Columbia, SC

We know there are a lot of nice bikes on the road.  But it's not what you want to have ---- just another nice bike.  You want the best!  You want to be noticed!  You want people to stop and look at your bike!  You want people to desire what you have!  You want the hottest thing on the road!  Well, here is your chance to have a winning look; be the STAR of the show.

So, do you see what AJ can do for your bike.  Call and set up your appointment today.

(803) 791-1116

Discuss your idea, bring in your own design, or just sit back and relax while an artist makes your bike into rolling artwork.


Lexington, South Carolina

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